Tarrant County Senate District 22 Convention
Saturday, March 26, 2022
NOTE: Precinct Convention Delegate allocations are based on 2020-2030 redistricting recently authorized by the Tarrant County Commissioners Court.
Precinct Convention DelegationData Entry CompleteData EntryPre-PrimaryPrecinct Packet Data Entry Phase:
Number of precinct conventions34
Total registered precinct conventions24
Percent total registered precinct conventions70.6%
NOTE: 2020 RPT Rule No. 13b.2. regarding quorum requires a majority (50%) of the seated precincts to be present
District Convention DelegationPost-ConventionConventionPre-ConventionTrainingConvention Phase:
Delegate/Alternate Status
Total Attendees Allotted by Party Rules173717373474
Total Potential Attendees from Precinct Conventions66167
Total Registered Attendees at District Convention46046
Total % Registered of Potential Attendees69.7%0.0%68.7%
NOTE: 2020 RPT Rule No. 13b.3. regarding quorum requires a third of the seated delegates to be present
Voting Strength
Total delegate voting strength845
Current delegate voting strength528
Percent of total voting strength62.5%
NOTE: 2020 RPT Rule No. 13b.1. regarding quorum requires the number of votes represented by delegates in attendance comprise more than 50% of the total voting strength of the Convention
State Convention DelegationFinal ListDraft ListCommittee MeetingsTrainingNominations List Phase:
Total Allotted Delegates by Party Rules84
Current Delegates47
Current Alternates2